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Superlative Support

(at your service)

Travel Wisdom and TLC

Booking a GIROSOLE tour doesn’t end with a “Pay Now” click. We’re here to help you with your travel plans and arrangements for your entire stay in Italy. We can give solid advice on your before and after tour hotels and, if you like, make those bookings for you at no extra charge. Prefer to avoid crowded trains and lugging your luggage around in public spaces? We can book private drivers for your group for every stage of your Italy stay, from when you step out of customs upon arrival to getting you to your departure for home on time and without worries. We’re happy to advise you on your entire Italy itinerary and lend you our expertise to help you find interesting sites to explore, shops to visit and restaurants to eat at wherever you might be going.

In-Country Assistance

Help for whatever you might need is as close as a phone call to our central Italy office, available 24/7. Whether that’s to request assistance navigating the airport’s lost luggage bureaucracy, rescheduling hotels or train tickets, or finding a doctor for a medical issue, a trained staff member, fluent in English, is always ready to help out.

During Your Tour

Every guided tour is accompanied by a professional, licensed guide, fully fluent in English and local to the area they guide in (i.e. no recent trainees enjoying a gap year abroad on your dime or “owner-led” tours led by presumptuous stranieri). Your guide is there to help you have your best travel experience ever by introducing you to their home region’s true culture with its particular charms and flavors. They’re also alert to smooth over any difficulties that might happen before they happen. During self-guided tours, you’ll meet with your tour rep who serves much the same function, while also ensuring your luggage is always there upon arrival at each new hotel. And your tour rep is always just a phone call away in case you think you might be lost. They’ll either help talk you back onto the trail or else, if you’re truly lost, come and find you — a responsibility other companies find it convenient to wriggle out of.

Our Fleet

We work with the finest drivers in Italy to provide you with comfortable, professional rides both during your tour and before/after it. Our spacious vehicles, the best in their class, are stocked with amenites like free bottled water, umbrellas, walking sticks and samplings of local specialties. And the drivers are outstanding: accomplished, friendly, English-speaking and willing to help you discover that perfect laboratorio artiginale(artisan workshop) or salumeria (specialized deli).


For our self-guided tours in Tuscany and on the Amalfi Coast, we outfit you with GPS-enabled smart phones — along with trail description, maps and guides to the areas you’ll explore. We’re expanding to our other walking areas in 2017, as well planning enhancements that will make your experience even better.