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Awesome Accommodations

(delightful, welcoming & quintessential)

In many areas of Italy, you can choose from among five different levels of accommodation. We have preferential rates at most of the hotels we use and pass these discounts on to you. The hotels we select have received the highest ratings in their class for ambience, comfort, and service. The pricing indicated below is in euro for the major cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. In other areas, the prices are typically lower.


This is the traditional Italian inn, usually family-owned. We’ve sought out the best of this class, offering great value with comfortable rooms (all with en-suite bathroom) and a great location. In some less touristed regions of Italy, this is the top accommodation option available. The published price of these accommodations per night for a double room is generally between E90-170 in the major cities of Rome, Florence and Venice.


These are all attractive 3 and 4 star accommodations, among the finest in their regions, and have fully equipped rooms. They might be situated in an old olive mill, a castle, a restored monastery. The available amenities usually include buffet breakfast, a night porter, a pool (except within the cities), room service, etc. You would generally expect to pay between E170-260 per night for these accommodations.

First Class

What distinguishes these hotels from the Select category are extra touches like fine linens, free internet access, hydromassage, a noted restaurant, or a particularly fortuitous location. These are all superior-grade, 4 star hotels. On occasion we put in this classification the best rooms in the Select class hotels, what are often called the “superior” or “deluxe” rooms. The published price per night for a double falls between E260-350.


The main reason these hotels do not rank in our luxury class is that they are all 4 star hotels, meaning that they do not offer the complete range of amenities provided by a 5 star hotel. Nevertheless, these are among the finest hotels in Italy, and indeed in Europe. You would expect to pay from E350-500 per night in these establishments.


Elegant 5 star hotels, among the best in Europe. There are only a few of these in the major centers of Italy, as well as some in areas like the Amalfi Coast and the Lakes District. On very rare occasions, we rank a particularly splendid 4 star hotel in this class. The published prices range from E500 on up.