L’animo...dal piacere in atto è desto. (Beauty awakens the soul to act.) - Dante Alighieri

Amazing Activities

(intriguing, colorful & off the well worn track)

The culture of Italy is, to put it mildly, rich. There is a wealth of interesting and unique things to do and see: museums, gardens, villas, castles, vineyards, farms, festas, churches, archeological sites, open-air markets… and that’s just scratching the surface!

One of the things you’ll especially appreciate about your GIROSOLE tour are the local contacts we’ve made with people who can truly take you inside the places of their daily lives.

In Chianti, for example, we visit a museum of country traditions set in a farmhouse beside an ancient church. The museum is the pride and joy of a local farmer, who has packed the rooms in a wonderfully disordered way with memorabilia of times past (but not forgotten).

In Umbria, we explore the underground of a small hilltown with an archeologist, who also takes us on a walk through history among his restorations of the local Roman ruins.

In Le Marche, a village priest proudly guides us into his church, a remarkable monument which local legend, supported recently by scholarly research, attributes to Charlemagne.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of special “extra-curricular” activities we like to include on every one of our tours.