Every day is a renewal, every morning the daily miracle.

This joy you feel is life.

Gertrude Stein

Perché Noi? (Why us?)

e non é giusto perché (and it's not just because)

Life is renewal.

A daily miracle.

In essence, it's this joy you feel.

Our aim here at GIROSOLE is to create experiences that help foster those truths.

We do this by crafting extraordinary holidays, what might generically be called "walking tours in Italy".

Except they're much more than that.

Browse around through the links and you'll see why...

But first a little story...

You've arrived at the last hill of the day.

It's been a good, long walk. On the hot side toward noon, but you spent a couple of hours beneath the shade of an oak with a vista that was beyond the power of mere pixels to depict. Undulating hills gathering light, dotted with rolls of hay. Across the valley, a distant village, its church a single spire drilling the sky. A picnic lunch — none other ever tasted so good. And all around the droning shrill of cicadas and the dry smells of summer.

And now you're on the outskirts of that village you saw from across the valley. You're soon entering within its protective walls through an archway used by scores of generations before you. A quick shower and you're ready to explore the village's medieval byways, after which a dinner in a trattoria serving local specialities.

If that sounds to you like all the makings of a glorious day, then check out what our team here at GIROSOLE brings into the mix to ensure you have all the support you need for a fun-tastic, hassle-free adventure in the bel paese ("beautiful country") of Italy.

The Really Big Difference

While exploring what we have on offer, keep in mind that every departure we run has been scheduled and planned specially by a client (not pre-scheduled by us). Book a tour with us and you tell us exactly

  • when and where you want to go
  • how long you want to go for
  • what level of accommodation you prefer
  • how much activity and walking you'd like to do
  • and anything else that'll make your holiday thoroughly perfect

With a personalized tour, you're in charge, so you're guaranteed a great time — with no worries about getting a "Dear Jane" letter from your tour operator saying they had to cancel your departure due to "limited participation". Plus you get our expert assistance to help you make your vacation the best ever and exactly how you want it.

We welcome all sizes of groups, from singles on up. You can book a trip that's private to your own group or open it to others to join (in which case the maximum number of participants will be eight total). You'll find that our tiered-pricing based on group size offers excellent value compared to other companies that only run fixed departures ("small groups" that often start at twelve participants minimum).

So browse our comprehensive selection of itineraries, then contact us, tell us what you'd like to do and we'll help you create a wonderfully memorable walking holiday in Italy!

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“...the most wonderful vacation EVER!!”

testimonial 1

Greg and I wanted to thank you for helping us put together the most wonderful vacation EVER!! Everything you told us about the trip was exactly as you said and even better. Our guide, Ulisse was perfect and he saw to our every need. For the longest time, we have wanted to visit the Amalfi Coast. Ulisse allowed us to experience it as locals and not feel like tourists. He took us to "out of the way" family-run restaurants where we enjoyed the most delicious cuisine. He knew all about the history, mythology and folklore of the region and entertained us non stop with his stories. Best of all, we never had to worry about transportation, entrance fees, departure times...he just told us what time to be ready, what to bring, how to dress and then everything was taken care of. One day, the weather was a bit off and the boats were not running to the area where we wanted to go so Ulisse arranged for us to grab a bus and off we went! We did not miss a beat and got to see all the sights as promised. A huge bonus was the flexibility of Girosole. Being able to select the dates that worked for us along with being able to arrange a private tour was terrific. In addition, there were a few places that were not included in the trip, but that I wanted to see. Ulisse arranged for us to make a shift in the itinerary and was able to accommodate us. I will definitely recommend your company to all my friends and will take another tour with you hopefully in the near future. Thank you again for a memorable experience!

— Kate Oakland