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Legends of the Amalfi Coast

Legends of the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast sits on a peninsula sticking out into the Tyrrhenian Sea like a tongue mocking the rest of the world. Few places on earth are as magical as this region. Quaint hotels hanging on high cliffs dipping into the cobalt blue water. […]

Tuscan Specialties of Montalcino:  Pastries, Honey and More

Tuscan Specialties of Montalcino: Pastries, Honey and More

If you’re seeking to sample Tuscan specialties, you’d do well to start in Montalcino. While other towns and villages in the Val d’Orcia boast their own specialities, you’ll find in Montalcino, aside from the ever present Brunello wine, the following delights. All Things Bread […]

Funerals in Italy (or Cesare’s Last Wish)

Funerals in Italy (or Cesare’s Last Wish)

Italian funerals: there’s always one happening, they are very public events with an open invitation to attend, and sometimes, even if you didn’t plan to go, you end up going – as you’ll see from my story . . .

A Siciliano in the New World

Welcome to the memories and musings of Ken Cosentino, our resident Siciliano who hails from upstate New York – but who’s soul is rooted in the traditions of his parents’ fatherland, Sicily. In his occasional postings, he takes us on a tour of what it’s like to grow up with one foot in the United States and the other in the Old Country.

My Nana: “Cento per Cento” Siciliana Grandmother

As an Italian-American living in New York, I’ve come to find that, though I may not be “right off the boat”, I still have deep-rooted Italian traditions that serve as a basis for my everyday life. In actuality, I’m completely Sicilian and not Italian at all (that I know of). However, if you know your history, then you know that the Kingdom of Sicily is ruled by Italy, so I guess you could call me Italian. I don’t mind it, though some Sicilians do.

My Uncle Benny: Tough Fighter, Bigger Eater

My grandfather had four brothers, of which he was the youngest. The brother who is the center of most family tales is not the oldest; but is definitely the most feared. His name was Blaze…or Benny for short.

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