Packing Suggestions for Your Italy Walking Trip


For many different reasons, it’s best to travel light. Experienced travelers find that one medium-sized rolling suitcase per person provides sufficient room for a two week vacation. Be sure to tag your check-in luggage with name and contact information – and include a sheet of paper inside on top of everything with the same info. Also, tie a distinctive ribbon onto the handle – or some other kind of marking – so that when you’re claiming your luggage after your flight you can easily distinguish your own suitcase from all the others exactly like it.

Current regulations do not allow the use of locks on checked baggage, and you can expect your belongs to be well rummaged by airport personnel, so keep your valuable items in a small carry-on bag or, better yet, a knapsack which you can then use during your walks.

An added wrinkle: rules are quite strict on what you can put in your carry-on luggage. Aside from the more obvious things like submachine guns and sticks of dynamite, don’t bother porting nail scissors, pocket knives, combustible sprays (like hairspray), or anything else that might be deemed remotely dangerous. If in doubt, check it through. Also, don’t make jokes at a security checkpoint about having an atomic rocket in your pocket. Security don’t laugh these days.

Packing suggestions

The following items are highly suggested for your GIROSOLE walking tour – except for the walking shoes which we might as well make mandatory.

• very comfortable walking shoes – broken in a month ahead of time.
• loose fitting pants – shorts are good too, though sometimes we walk along narrow paths with brush
• light shirts and blouses in summer – Italy can get very hot
• a waterproof windbreaker during all other seasons – Italy can get wet and windy
• walking socks – the kind that wick away moisture
• a visor or cap that doesn’t blow off easily
• a water bottle and carrier
• a small knapsack or fannysack (in Italy they call them “marsupials” – cute, eh?)
• sunscreen
• extra set of eyeglasses for emergencies
• small set of binoculars
• if you’ve opted for Comfort level hotels, then to be on the safe side bring shampoo, shower caps and hairdryer, with 110/220 option and adaptor plug
• remedies you commonly take (aspirin, etc.)
• phone recharger and/or a portable charger power bank such as those made by Anker or LanLuk
• universal plug converter

For our hiking tours, we suggest the following additional items:

• a comfortable small backpack (better if waterproof)
• a good pair of trekking boots, better if in Gore-Tex and with a good Vibram sole (suggested brands Scarpa, Trezeta, Dolomite)
• long pants
• long waterproof pants (better if Gore-Tex)
• rain gear, waterproof and breathable (better if Gore-Tex)
• waterproof poncho for covering your backpack
• warm trekking socks (such as Thorlo’s)
• high quality undershirt made of pile or Polartek
• sunglasses
• waterbottle (at least 1 liter per person) – also suggested (but optional) is a thermos for a warm cup of tea, coffee….
• two walking sticks per person
• personal basic First Aid kit (the essential things)