How to Deal with Medical Issues and Emergencies in Italy

Travel insurance

A travel insurance policy that covers medical emergencies, cancellations, loss of valuables, etc. is always a good idea when you’ve invested a considerable amount of money in a trip. Shop around for the best coverage you can find. Insurance providers offer tour operators and travel agents lucrative commissions, and consequently many travel businesses tack on an insurance policy to the cost of the tour. At GIROSOLE we prefer to leave that choice to the discretion of our customers.


If you need an ambulance or immediate police aid, the emergency services number is 113. This functions the same as 911 in the U.S., and should only be used in life-threatening situations.

If you need first aid, every hospital has an emergency clinic, called the “Pronto Soccorso”. The standards of Italian health care and treatment are quite high, especially in the larger cities.

If you need police help, there are two main police forces to turn to. If you are in dire need of help, call the “Carabinieri” at 112. These are essentially a branch of the military and are the ones you may see standing by the roadsides carrying machine guns, trying to put fear into the heart of the innately (and inanely) fearless Italian driver. If, on the other hand, you want to report stolen articles or the like, call the local branch of the “Polizia Statale” (state police). You’ll find the number of the “questura” (the local police station) in the first three or four pages of the white pages, along with all the other emergency numbers. They’ll ask you to fill out a form called a “denuncia” (statement), which you’ll need in order to make insurance claims.

If you’re taking a tour with us, you will also be provided with a list of contact numbers for your guide(s) and the GIROSOLE Italian office, as well as all accommodation info to provide to your close ones.