Le Marche: Hiking from San Severino to Camerino

The walk described below is one of the walks included in our Self-Guided Le Marche Hiking Tour. These are the actual instructions given to our clients when they take this tour.

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Each instruction is preceded by the number of meters from the prior instruction – in other words, how many meters you will have walked in order to arrive at the current instruction.

San Severino to Camerino

Distance: 22.2k
Total ascent: 840m

A long hike today brings you out of San Severino and into the high hills near town. You pass the mysterious Grotta di San Eustachio and rise to the foot of Monte d’Aria. Then, following farm tracks, you pass through Lettegge, an almost abandoned mountain village.

To start the walk, proceed to San Lorenzo gate at the west end of town (which you passed through during the orientation walk on your first day). Continue out the gate onto the street straight ahead.

100m At the T-intersection, continue straight.

200m At the fork with Via San Paolo, bear right and downhill.

50m At the T-intersection, turn left.

200m Just before the road turns right to cross over a bridge, there is a group of house on your left. Turn left onto the road between the houses.

50m At the fork, bear right onto the dirt road.

400m At the T-intersection with the smaller road on your right (with the wooden railing), bear left and straight with the main road.

100m At the fork where the road turns to asphalt, bear right onto the dirt road.

2300m At the T-intersection next to the small collapsed stone shed on your left, turn left and uphill. Bear to the right and uphill through the fork immediately beyond. Stay on this road as it passes the iron bar (usually open) and towards the canyon beyond.

1300m You pass the Church of San Eustachio on your left, hidden among the trees. Continuing past the church, you’ll find a narrow path that crosses over the dry streambed.

250m The path enters the stream bed for a stretch of 20 meters then continue on the right side of the gorge, after which it widens out considerably for a bit.

150m Where the path forks bear left, keeping close to the stream.

100m The path arrives at a fork in the stream, where you bear right. The path soon veers uphill and away from the stream.

500m The path widens considerably where a track meets it, descending from the right. Continue straight and uphill.

300m You arrive at an intersection with on your left a wooden post with a sign marked Valle di Sant’Eustachio. Turn right and uphill.

750m Where the track T-intersects with another track (next to another set of CAI signs) go straight across the new track to find the path that goes uphill through the trees.

300m When the path meets the dirt road (another CAI sign here) bear right.

1200m When you meet the asphalt road continue across and onto the dirt road on the other side.

200m At the first fork bear right with the main road.

100m At the next true fork bear right and onto the track that heads towards the conifer stand. You’ll soon pass a house here within the stand. Soon after passing the house you can see Camerino off to your right (on a clear day). Ignore smaller tracks that go off the main track on either side.

2600m Skirting a canyon, the road bends sharply to the right where another road enters from the left. Bear right here.

350m At the cross keep straight.

250m Continue across the asphalt road by the yellow church and down the smaller road between the buildings of the village.

250m When the road meets another somewhat larger road, cross and continue down the dirt road, passing the orange house on your right. The track soon becomes a grassy path and then after a few dozen meters becomes clear and easily passable again.

650m When you meet the larger gravel road turn left. Ignore any smaller tracks leading off the main road.

1500m At the fork with the large gravel road, bear right.

800m At the fork near the small church on your left, turn right and uphill.

2200m At the T-intersection with the asphalt road near the top of the hill, turn right and uphill.

230m At the intersection with the road on your right, turn right.

250m You arrive at a group of abandoned buildings where you bear left and uphill.

450m At the fork in the woods signed San Gregorio, turn left and uphill towards the church which you’ll see in front of you.

60m Standing near the church door and facing it, look 90° to your right. You should be able to see a small path going off between the pine trees (not the other access road that enters from the right). Follow this path.

60m Where the path meets the larger track, turn left. Stay with the main track ignoring smaller tracks leading off of it. (Be sure to keep an eye out for the great view of Camerino to your left after about a kilometer).

1200m When you reach the asphalt road turn left and downhill.

820m At the roundabout go straight, direction signed Camerino.

900m At the large T-intersection (next to the modern brick red building on your left) continue straight, always heading towards the town of Camerino ahead of you.

250m At the fork keep right.

350m At the piazza in front of the large church with the bell tower (San Venanzo) turn right and uphill into the town.

120m At the 3-way intersection in front of the monastery of San Domenico continue straight and uphill. (Note: the town museum is housed in this monastery, with some interesting exhibits of local Renaissance artists and archeological finds.)

100m Cross the small parking lot on your left and take the stairs up. At the top of the stairs turn left into the street. Keep straight on this street, ignoring streets to either side until you arrive at the main piazza of Camerino.

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