Our Wine Policy

Why don’t we price in wine during included meals?

After all, many companies do, in an apparent fit of generosity. You’ll read promising phrases like “chef-selected wine” or “all the wine you can drink”.

What these euphemisms actually mean are: “chef-selected house wine” and “all the house wine you can drink”.

Based on discussions with our clients, we’ve concluded that our travelers generally would prefer not to have wine included.

For these reasons, we’ve decided to leave the matter up to you, allowing you to pay on your own for whatever wine you may drink.

Keep in mind that you’ll have the expertise of your guide in helping you select a good wine in whatever price range you prefer, as most of our guides have quite an extensive knowledge of Italian wines.

We do, of course, include the standard beverages of all Italian meals, such as water and an after-dinner coffee, as well as some surprise treats depending on the region you’re in.