Every day is a renewal, every morning the daily miracle.

This joy you feel is life.

Gertrude Stein

Genuinely Great Guides

(fun, knowledgeable, professional & 100% home grown)

Our guides are all residents of Italy and consequently have an insider's knowledge of the areas they guide in. You'll find among them experts in Roman architecture, art history, environmental science, horticulture, as well as a number of other specialties.

They are all bilingual, warm, and fun-loving and are pleased to help you go on a shopping spree or introduce you to a game of briscola (an Italian card game) with the locals at the central cafe.

They also know the restaurants where the locals like best to eat, as well as the Michelin-starred eateries. And if you wake up in the morning wanting to walk a few more hills than the day before (or a few less), they can easily adjust accordingly.

Flexibility and spontaneity informed by an intimate knowledge of the local region, supported by thorough organization and attention to detail: these are the hallmarks of every GIROSOLE tour (not to forget all the good fun involved, too!)


Michelangelo has a degree in Environmental Science. His expertise in all things flora and fauna, combined with his sparkling good humor, are sure to keep you both entertained and well-informed.


Francesca hails from a village in the mountains east of Rome. She combines a degree in botany, a love of hiking, and a fine sense of customer service, to make a great guide.


Ulisse's family comes from the Amalfi Coast. His father, a tour guide, taught him the craft, so that Ulisse leads tours with a veteran’s confidence, blending exercise, fun, relaxation and history.


Giuseppe's gentle manner and wide-ranging knowledge wins the hearts and minds of his clients. He guides in northwest Italy, including Piemonte, the Lakes District and the Cinque Terre.


Luigi, a native of the island of Capri, has since 1996 guided walking tours both on his own island and along the Amalfi Coast sharing secrets about the region's nature, history, culture and cuisine.


Roberto (r) is an archeologist, trained at the University of Rome. Born and raised in the Terni province of Umbria, he fascinates travelers with his in-depth knowledge of the ancient world.


Luca, a licensed Wilderness Guide, is a dedicated naturalist who enjoys imparting his deep appreciation and knowledge of the outdoors and horticulture to his clients.


Alessandro works as a researcher for the National Park of Abruzzo, with an expertise in the Italian wildlife. He knows the trails of Abruzzo up and down, having hiked during his researches.


Giorgio, a licensed Wilderness Guide since 1990, was drawn to the mountains as a young boy learning alongside his grandfather, a forester and woodcutter who was a partisan during World War II.


Pasquale received his license as a tour leader/guide for the Calabrian region in 1999. He's particularly knowledgeable about Magna Graecia culture and archaelogy.


Terry came to Rome in search of "la dolce vita" to work with groups of deaf travelers, and has started up his own company specializing in offering tours in sign language.

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“...they were lovely...”

testimonial 1

We had the most wonderful time. In great part this was due to the beauty of the Lakes and the Alps. However, it was also due to the guides that we had. So much of the experience had to do with those two men. In very different ways they were lovely. Giorgio led us a little off of the established schedule because he wanted us to see his beloved mountains and the time was very well spent. Giuseppe was a wonderful guide, very educated and gentle and gave us a real sense of what hiking - serious hiking and mountain climbing - might be like. They both added to the pleasure of the trip. We changed our return plans a little and Giorgio was very helpful there and worried about us like a mother hen. Very sweet, actually.

In summary, it was a delightful trip. It is a beautiful country. Thank you.

— Tamara Newell